and you will keep me safe, and you will keep me close, and rain will make the flowers grow

a little fall of rain
rhoda. 23. nus. dgms. choir. sing(:

can hardly hurt me now

this rain will wash away what's past
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i'll sleep in your embrace at last
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Friday, November 09, 2012 9:03 PM

i thought that this would be another one of those awkward rides home, where two people who obviously recognised each other pretended that the other didn't exist. after all, we have never spoken, not even tentative smiles on the way up and down. and there was also the question of the other person who was trying his best to avoid looking in my direction. so all in all, an extremely awkward ride.

we got off at the same stop, you pressing the bell and allowing me to alight first. we sat on separate benches. and i continued reading my notes while you flipped through your book. the bus came and you flagged it down before rushing to the upper deck. i didn't see the point in walking up the stairs since we would be alighting soon anyway.

we got off and the rain fell. i pulled out my umbrella and wondered if i should ask if you needed shelter back to the block. but you pulled your hoodie over your head and rushed out into the rain. i tried catching up with you but you were just too fast. but then again, who wouldn't be in that rain and with just a hoodie as protection?

at the lobby, you held the door open for me, and before i could stretch out my hand to press the button, you pressed my button before yours. how did you know which floor i lived at? perhaps you were just that more attentive to details than i will ever be. and all that was left was a feeling of perhaps, i should have tried harder, neighbour of many years.